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Jan 29

Bringing this back.

Hey, I know it’s been a while, but I want to bring this place back. I’m going to dig up the old list of stuff to research, and meanwhile I’ll be putting up some prefixes I’ve found for my area.

I should mention, however, that I want to appoint another mod or maybe two so this keeps going smoothly from now on. I will be putting up more information on that later.

Jun 14

Anonymous said: Stoat as a prefix. Opinion?

Going on the queue.

Anonymous said: I was thinking, wouldn't Rock- vary with location? Not like Boulder would though, most rocks strong enough to stay in a size to permit boudler are of the hard, grey, metamorphic varieties. But where I live there is a great deal of orange sandstone exposed where water rips through the Earth or people have exposed it.

Yes, it could, though in most places it would just be grey or grey-brown. As with most prefixes, it just comes down to knowing your setting well. If the cats know rocks to be orange, then a Rock- cat would be ginger.

Anonymous said: Would Frostclaw work for a light gray muscular tom (good at fighting)?

I think of Frost- as more for white cats, but so long as he’s very pale you can get away with it no problem. -claw is good, very appropriate for him.

Prefix time: Grass-

Usable in:  Settings with brownish or golden grassland.

Usable for:  Light brown to pale gold cats. Depends heavily on setting.

Additional notes: Grass is very tricky. Grasslands occur many different places, many green but some more golden or pale brown. Since grasses are so widespread, it comes down to you knowing the setting of your Clan enough to figure out what color they would associate with grass. If they live on a more golden or brown-toned grassland, this may be a usable prefix for them.

Suffix time: -claw

What it means: This cat is an exceptionally good fighter.

Why it works: Claws are a cat’s primary means of self-defense, and for warriors they are of most use in battles. Regardless of levels of anthropomorphism, fighting will consist primarily of clawing at the other cat(s).

Elaboration: -claw is a skill suffix, meaning that it comes before personality or pelt suffixes. It is also only for a cat who is exceptionally good in battle, not just a one who is above average. If a cat is really great at scratching up other cats, that is a very commendable skill in the warriors world and deserves to be honored with a name, even if they also happen to be calm like a -cloud cat.

Additional notes: -claw cats will often be larger than average. That’s just how things go - bigger cats will have the upper hand in fights. Of course, if you have a cat who’s particularly good at knowing when to strike and whatnot, there’s nothing to stop them from getting the -claw suffix, so long as they are a really great fighter and not just a good one. Chances are a smaller than average cat won’t be that great in battle, though.

-claw is not synonymous for an evil cat. Regardless of the mess that is the definition of ‘evil’, being good at fighting does not make a character cruel or ambitious any more than being good at soccer would make a human these things. A -claw cat certainly can be cruel and ambitious, of course, but so can a -fur or a -tail or any other cat. A -claw cat can also be extremely kind and cheerful. This suffix represents skill and nothing more.

As I have nothing I have to be doing and am both motivated and bored, I’m going to stuff up the queue right now. This moment. And hopefully I will stop being such a lazy ass about maintaining this blog.

Mar 17

warriorsnamingfornewbies-deacti said: Would you like to be affiliates? -Crow

Absolutely! Go check them out, everyone!

Mar 15

Anonymous said: Could you mention that no cat is a solid ginger color? The closest you can get to a "solid" ginger would most likely be a Somali. Even they have different shades of the color still. I think the reason why so many people place Firestar with a completely ginger pelt is because of the first book's cover-artwork.

I beleive I have noted this in a couple prefix posts. Of course, I’ll continue to do so. 

Anonymous said: What about Skunk as a prefix?

I’ll have a look.

theartistboy said: hi I'm ailuronymy's (periodically active) resident lurker. now your's as well.

Welcome, then! I do love lurkers. c:

Anonymous said: Could you do Towhee-? I think it would work pretty well for calicos living in the eastern US (Referring to the Eastern Towhee) and it might work for various brown pelt colors in the western US. (Referring to various other towhee species.)

Of course, I’ll add it to the queue. Thanks for giving me somewhere to start, by the way, very helpful. c:

Mar 14

Prefix time: Sage-

Usable in: Common sage, also known as garden sage, true sage, and tons of other names, is native to the Mediterranean region, but can now be found growing wild in plenty of other places. If you aren’t sure whether it’s usable in a particular place, look it up or ask in.

Usable for:  Grey or blue-grey cats.

Additional notes:  There are tons of plants that go by sage, but this one seems to be the only one usable as a prefix. The pelt colors are derived from its grey-green leaves and light blue or purple flowers.

Prefix time: Dusk-

Usable in:  Anywhere cats can live.

Usable for:  Dark gray or dusky brown pelts, or tortoiseshells. Tabbies work particularly well.

Additional notes:  See the notes on Morning- for “Dusk and evening are the same thing”.

Prefix time: Evening-

Usable in:  Anywhere cats can live.

Usable for:  A dark grey or blue-grey cat. Tabbies work particularly well for this one.

Additional notes:  Never used in canon, but it isn’t too much of a stretch. Of course, if you don’t like it, don’t use it.

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